Why the Holy Land

Every year millions of Christians traveled to the Land of the Bible to deepen their Faith and Enhance their Biblical Understanding.

Here are just a few reasons why Christians are forever changed as they Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus.

  1. Your Bible will come alive. The Bible will become so real that it will stand up and take on a third dimension.
  2. You will encounter God in a fresh way. There is something to be said for taking a spiritual pilgrimage to get away from everyday life and seek the Lord with new fervor. There is nothing that invokes the presence of God like worship. Every day we experienced God, and His presence pulls at our heart strings and transformed our lives.
  3. You will experience prophecy fulfilled. While traveling in Israel, we are surrounded by the faithfulness of God and you will see firsthand the fulfillment of 100's of prophecies that were spoke 1000's of years ago.
  4. You will see modern miracles. The birth and existence of Israel is nothing short of a modern miracle. Out of the ashes of the Holocaust and the dust of the desert, they have created a thriving and prosperous country that is leading the world in innovation, technology, science, medicine, security, agriculture, and water conservation and production. This little country of some 9 million people is making the world a safer and healthier place.

Every year I take groups on a journey of a lifetime to ENCOUNTER God in the Land of the Bible. If you are looking to take your church, or join one of our already fantastic groups, message me for more information.

Pastor Eli Hendricks


Spiritual Experiences

Can you imagine standing where Elijah stood when God sent fire down from heaven or walking on the shore of the Sea of Galilee where much of Jesus’ ministry took place.  During our tours, we hold baptism services in the Jordan River, and tour the dessert region, and see for ourselves what Abraham saw.  We then go up to Jerusalem, the City of God, and walk the cobblestone streets that Jesus walked on the Via Delarosa on His way to Calvary’s hill.  We visit the Dead Sea, Ein-Gedi, Masada, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Garden Tomb...held by many to be the site of Christ's resurrection. It is Truly AMAZING! All throughout this trip we will pause for times of worship, prayer, scriptural application, and great fellowship.

Why travel to Israel?  Israel is a land of biblical miracles and modern-day ones too...it is a place like none other on earth holding special meaning for Christians worldwide.  Israel is often referred to as the 5th Gospel.  A pilgrimage to the Holy Land will give you a perspective that you will not find in any commentary or Bible study.   Every tour, members receive a Full-COLOR Pilgrims Guidebook.  It gives the Biblical, Historical and Archeological insights of each city we visit. During our tours we enjoy nice accommodations with great dining throughout.

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Understanding the Culture

Israel is the best place to study God’s word. No other place on earth gives you the richness and depth of understanding than Israel does. The land breathes God’s story, and Holy Land Encounters offers practical and prophetic insights causing the black and white pages of scripture to come into FULL color.

Studying the Scriptures in their original context not only brings deeper meaning and understanding, but bridges the gap between Jesus and where we are today. When we study Israel’s geography, culture, language, family life styles, correct history, Jewish idioms (slang terms), poetry, customs, politics and much more! Our understanding of the Bible begins to take on a deeper dimension.

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Next Steps...

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