“Once you visit the Holy Land, the Bible goes from black and white to color.  That is exactly what happened to me—from the moment I watched a group of fishermen clean their nets on the Sea of Galilee, it feels like I got a new pair of glasses. When I read the Bible now, certain words jump off the page that I never noticed.

Our trip took us from Caesarea Philippi in the north to the Dead Sea in the south. Not only did we tour some of the more popular destinations like Capernaum, Nazareth and the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem, but we also stopped at Gideon’s Spring, the roman city of Beit Shean—the place where King David recovered the body of King Saul. We even explored the ruins of Magdala, believed to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene and the synagogue where most likely Jesus preached.

I came back from this trip looking forward to my return—and hoping that my friends can make a similar pilgrimage. I guarantee a visit to the Holy Land is worth the investment and will change your life forever!” Karen, February 2019

Dr. Kyle Bailey

“I have had the pleasure of visiting Israel three times. On the first visit, my family pastor and I flew over with no plans or reservations. We thought it would be cheaper to facilitate our own lodging, travel, and site visits. We were dead wrong! The past two years I have partnered with Pastor Eil and both tours have been incredible experiences. I have been thoroughly impressed with the organization and the ease of travel. The charter bus, drivers, and tour guides have been so knowledgeable and helpful. The hotels have been perfectly located between sites. Someone in my church added all the expenses together out of curiosity to see if it would be cheaper to return on her own and she saved over $1,000 as a part of this tour group plus realized the importance of traveling with others for different perspectives and knowledge. I was curious to see how the second tour would compare to the first or if I would leave with more biblical and historical insight. The Word indeed comes alive as you walk the land! I gained just as much insight and sensed the presence of God on the second tour. I cannot wait for January 2022 to once again visit the Holy Land!” Pastor Tim O’Carroll, Discovery Church

“Traveling to and experiencing Israel brought an awakening to my spirit to the Word of God. Experiencing the presence of God in places where Jesus had been, and seeing firsthand the people, the landscape, the mountains, and the Jordan river ignited my soul when I read the Word upon returning home.  The name of towns, their location and history, that I used to read over with little recognition are now significant and cause me to dig deeper and cross-reference different parts of the Word like I have never done before.  I experienced the Lord in Israel, but what the Lord did for my hunger for the Word has been a catalyst of growth and a delight to my soul.  I highly recommend for you to take the opportunity to allow Apostle Eli Hendricks to guide you through one of the most important events of your life.” David Jones, January 2020

“I’ve sojourned to Israel many times as a student to dig in the sand and/or read a scroll.  But in my two most recent trips to the Holy Land, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to travel with Eli Hendricks and explore it with something different and much more precious than a spade and shovel: my heart.

On both tours, they labored strategically to reserve hard to find first class accommodations for the tourists under their watchcare along the travel route.  The guides they contract know the Land of Promise like the back of their hands and major in answering any questions you may have.  

As a result, the devotional dynamic of the tour design and the professionalism of Eli and his staff behind the scenes fosters the necessary environment in Israel to really “see” the Lord with heart, not just your head.  I have benefited immensely – both professionally and personally – in my sojourns with this wonderful organization.  And I plan on leading the people under my watchcare at Genesis Church of Vero Beach to Israel in the future; with the Jesus and the Holy Land Sun Tour Company as our guides.”  Dr. Derrick West, Genesis Church of Vero Beach

“I grew up reading every bible story over and over, making images in my mind of the events and places where they happened, trying to imagine the details, the weather, the smells. There is no way to describe the experience of being where everything happened, breathing the air of the mountain where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, hearing the sound of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus set the Gadarene free, or stand in the upper room, where the Holy Spirit came upon the one hundred and twenty. Being in the garden, right there, where Jesus sweated drops of blood, It is an experience that will transform your life.” Pastor Diego Barrios, January 2020

“Going to Israel is an experience that is absolutely life changing. Once you go, you will want to go again to experience more. My trip to Israel in Jan 2020 was a huge eye opener. I really didn’t realize until I went, what life was really like for bible characters.  The bible became so real to me. The trip builds and builds and for me the culmination came at the garden tomb. To actually walk into the tomb that Jesus laid in for those couple of days hit meso hard. When I walked out of that tomb, I felt resurrected and since then have walked in a whole new level of life.  I will be going back – again and again.” Becky Bachtel, January 2020

“I had always wanted to go to Israel! I likedseeing all the sights and walking where Jesus walked! The thing that set this trip apart was that wherever we went Pastor Eli made a place for the Lord to minister to us. It is NOT just a tour! It is an encounter with the Lord himself! I vividly remember walking up Mt. Arbel and saying to the Lord that I loved all the rocks and beauty, but I came to see and hear you! He flooded in at that moment and I was forever changed in His presence!” Teresa Jones, January 2020

COME… Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus
Barry Perez & Bob Kirshbaum
Pastor Tim O’Carroll
Dr. Kyle Bailey