Is it SAFE to travel to Israel?

The short answer is Yes! Millions of Christians travel to Israel each year.  In fact its far safer to visit Israel then many major city in the US.

Can I room by myself?

Yes, single travelers have the option of rooming alone but must pay the additional single supplement charged by the hotel.

Do I need shots or immunizations?

No. Israel is a developed country with a level of health and hygiene equal to that of the United States. Visitors entering Israel are not required to undergo vaccinations prior to their arrival. No special shots are required for any of the countries we tour. If in doubt, please check with your family doctor.

What to do when you arrive in Israel?

When your flight lands in Tel Aviv, you will gather your carry-on luggage, get off the plane, and follow the crowd to immigration. You will stand in line to show your passport. They will give you a little slip of paper with a bar code on it. You will need to use that paper to activate the exit gate to go to the luggage area.

Once you enter the baggage claim area, you will see a person standing with sign your group name on it. Once everyone has their luggage, we leave the baggage claim area and board our bus. The bus driver will load your luggage under the bus, and you can sit anywhere on the bus you would like.

Is there a lot of walking?

Although there is a lot of walking, those of you who are less active will still enjoy the trip. There will be a lot of walking and some stairs. There are often benches to rest, if needed; or, if the terrain is too rough or rocky, you can always stay in the bus for certain activities. Wear comfortable, broken in walking shoes.

Is the water safe to drink?

Israel is a modern country. The hotel water is safe to drink. ALSO, please note that the bus driver always has a cooler full of bottled water for you for $1 a bottle.

Any tips for overcoming jet lag?

Israel is 7 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone. A healthy body recovers more quickly to adjusting your internal clock to Israeli time. Be rested prior to the flight and drink a lot of water to help get hydrated prior to flying. On the day of your flight, eat a light, healthy meal, and plenty of water. Long flights dehydrate your body, so water is suggested instead of caffeine.

On board, after dinner is served – reset your watch to Israeli time. Try to sleep, as much as you can, on the plane. Once you arrive, keep active as much as possible to stay awake until at least 9 pm that first evening.

Although the itinerary may change depending on the flight arrival, we have planned a light day for the first day in Joppa. After stopping at the sights, our hotel is within walking distance of the Mediterranean Sea.

What will the weather be like?

In the winter and spring, daily weather can vary greatly from day to day and depending on the part of the country. The Masada and Dead Sea daytimes highs are often in the 70’s, (morning in 50’s). Around the Sea of Galilee, it is around 50’s to 60’s. Jerusalem is the coolest, with daytime highs usually in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s – however, the morning and evenings are very cool in the lower 40’s/upper 30’s. Wear layers that you can remove as the day becomes warmer. Temperatures in Israel are in Celsius.

In the summer, it is hot. At the Masada and Dead Sea, daytime highs are often in the upper 90’s to triple digits. Around the Sea of Galilee, it is the upper 80’s to lower 90’s. Jerusalem is the coolest, with daytime highs usually in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s.

What can I expect if I participate in the baptism?

If you plan to be baptized in the Jordan, you will rent a baptismal gown, towel, and use the changing facilities for approximately $10 US dollars. The changing facilities give you a place for changing privately, showers, bathrooms, etc. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR BATHING SUIT OR AN EXTRA SET OF TRAVEL CLOTHES TO WEAR UNDER YOUR BAPTISMAL GOWN. THE WHITE GOWN IS TRANSPARENT WHEN WET. Also, shoes to wear in the water (also at the Dead Sea) will make your experience more comfortable.

What will the hotels be like?

The tour usually reserves 4- or 5-star hotels which include breakfast and dinner buffets. Check your current travel information for addresses and phone numbers.

What documentation is necessary for travel to Israel?

A valid passport.  The expiration date must be at least six months from the return date to be considered valid.  If your passport falls within that six-month window you must renew your passport before going.

Am I required to purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not required but is strongly recommended. We encourage you to consider travel insurance to cover any unexpected costs incurred before or during your trip. A travel insurance plan can help to protect your trip investment with coverages related to flight delays, travel injuries and illnesses, lost or delayed baggage, and more.

Do I need to bring any special clothing or other items?

We will provide a list of recommended items to all trip participants. We recommend wearing long pants and bringing a jacket each day, as some holy sites will have stricter clothing requirements (arms and legs covered). Please plan to bring comfortable shoes or sneakers, as there will be a lot of walking.

What time zone is Israel in?

Israel Standard Time (IST) is the standard time zone in Israel. It is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Will there be access to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you will have access to free Wi-Fi on the buses and in some hotels. Many cafes and restaurants also offer complementary Wi-Fi. Some hotels will have Wi-Fi available for hotel guests at customary prices.

Will I be able to use my cell phone while in Israel?

Please check with your phone service provider to determine if you will need to purchase an International plan to use your phone in country.

Which credit cards are accepted?

You can use your ATM card to obtain Shekels at ATMs throughout Israel. You can also use American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards at most Israeli hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Will I need to bring a power adapter?

Almost all hotel rooms are equipped with hairdryers, and all have shaver sockets. For other appliances, Israel’s electricity is 220V A/C, single phase 50-cycles; 110V-220V transformers can be used. Israeli outlets have three prongs, but European two-prong adapters usually work.