Crown of Thorns

Did you ever wonder why Jesus wore a crown of thorns? Think about it, a crown, a symbol of royalty, power, kingship, wealth, and glory and made not of gold or jewels, but His was made of thorns. Why? In the book of Genesis, everywhere Adam and Eve walked, everything they touched was blessed. When they rebelled against God, the consequence brought the curse and the ground would now bear thorns and thistles. The thorns were a sign of the curse, the sign of a fallen world, a creation that can no longer bear the blessed fruit it was called to bear, but now brings forth thorns, pain, piercing, blood, tears, and destruction.

When a crown is placed on a man’s head, he becomes king. At that moment, the weight of his kingdom rested upon him. So what is the significance of the crown of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus? When the crown was placed on His head, He became, “The King of Thorns, the King of the Curse.” Thorns speak of pain and tears. So the crown of thorns means He would now bear the pain and tears of man. Thorns speak of piercing, and Isaiah 53 prophesied that he will be pierced. And the thorns are linked to the curse and the curse is linked to death. So the crown of thorns ordains that Jesus the Messiah will die. He will bear the weight of the curse upon His head. He becomes the King of Thorns, the King of the Curse.

A crown also signifies authority, of the one who reigns. By bearing the weight of the curse, Jesus becomes king over it, and the King over those who are Cursed. King of the Broken, King of the Pierced and Wounded, King of the Rejected, King of Tears and Disappointment, the King over all Humanity. So, Jesus is King over all who have fallen so they can come to Him and find redemption. For the One who wears the crown has ALL authority to turn Sorrow into Joy, Death into Life, and thorns into something Beautiful. He who wears the crown is Lord of the Fallen, the King of Thorns and the restorer of that which was lost.

TODAY, bring the thorns, the wounds, the shame, the sorrows, the disappointments of life to the King of Thorns, so the pain of the past no longer is a curse but allow the King to heal and restore the Blessing.