DID YOU KNOW: The Holy Land has two inland seas, one is called the Kinneret, or the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee receives its water on its northern end from the inflow of the Jordan River. On its other end is its outflow.

There it becomes again the Jordan River flowing southward. The other sea is called the Sea of Salt, or the Sea of Death. It’s called the Dead Sea because virtually nothing can live there. There’s no fish and no vegetation. Its salt and minerals prevent life from growing.

The Dead Sea gets its water from the Jordan River and so does the Sea of Galilee.

So why is the Dead Sea dead?

The difference is that the Dead Sea only has one opening to the north where it receives water from Jordan.

But it has no outlet.

So, the water only pours in and becomes dead. But the water of the Galilee is alive, freshwater filled with fish. And yet the very same water flows between the two.

So how can the same water produce life in one place and death in the other?

Because of the outlets, the Sea of Galilee is always giving what it receives. It’s always flowing.

But the Dead Sea only receives and never gives out.

So, the life that gives of what it receives, is the life that is always a blessing to others, that life is the Sea of Galilee.

Its waters are always fresh. It’s always filled with life, and a constant source of blessing.

But the life that only takes and doesn’t give back, that life becomes dead and barren even though it has the same potential.

You see, it’s not what you have in this life, how much or how little, that, in the end, will matter.

It’s what you do with what you have.

If you only take, the waters become dead, and your life becomes like the Dead Sea.

But if you give, then the waters become alive and your life becomes the Sea of Galilee, a blessing to all.

TODAY: Live after the pattern of the Sea of Galilee, always receiving and always giving. Receive God’s LOVE and freely give it to all your life touches.