Unlocking the PROMISE

DID YOU KNOW: Seeds have the potential for miracles. Each one is filled with the potential for life, growth, and fruitfulness. It is all there in the seed, everything it will become, the plant, the flower, the tree. It is all there inside the shell. Nothing happens until the seed is planted and all its potential stays unrealized. But when we take the seed and plant it in the soil, everything changes. The seed becomes one with the earth. The shell opens and the life inside the seed joins itself to the soil around it. It puts out roots and draws in life from the earth. The plan is activated, the promise is unlocked, and the potential becomes a reality.

The Bible refers to the Word of God as a seed. And every seed, every word has a potential miracle. And as is a seed, so is the Word of God. Each Word has the potential to produce life, growth, fruitfulness, and a miracle. It is all there inside the seed, inside the Word. But if the Word stays on the pages and is never sown into the soil of our hearts, then its life stays unlocked, unrealized. You need to sow the Word into every situation of your life and let it become one with that soil… the soil of your heart, your thoughts, your emotions, your life. For when the Word becomes one with your life, then its shell will break open, its plan will be activated, its promise unlocked, its life released, and its miracle begins.

Today, take a seed from the Word of God and plant it so its promise… its potential will be unlocked and bear its fruit in your life.