DID YOU KNOW: In the year AD 70, the armies of Rome, under the command of the general Titus, destroyed the land of Israel and the ancient nation of Judea. To commemorate the end of Israel along with other Roman victories, a monument was built in Rome and called the Arch of Titus. Inside the arch was carved an image of Israel’s destruction, the carrying away of the sacred vessels from the Temple of Jerusalem. Two thousand years later, the Roman Empire lay in ruins. But the nation of Israel was miraculously raised from the dead. The new nation needed a symbol. And do you know where they found it, Israel’s national seal? On the Arch of Titus. By building a monument to seal in stone the destruction of Israel, the Romans ended up doing the very opposite. They preserved in stone the image of Israel’s sacred golden seven-branch menorah for two thousand years. And that very image from that arch became the symbol of Israel’s resurrection, the national seal of the newborn nation, the menorah, the symbol of God’s light overcoming the darkness. What does the Arch of Titus reveal?

That in the end, you can’t stop the purpose of God.

God not only causes His purposes to come to pass, but He will even use that which is against His purposes to cause those purposes to come to pass. He not only overcomes evil but causes evil to be used for good. And so, He will turn death into life, destruction into rebirth, darkness into light, the curses set against His people into blessings, and the tears of His children into rejoicing. And He will turn everything in your life that was meant for evil around for good and that which was meant to harm you to save and bless you instead. It’s all there in the menorah of God’s light kept safe for the ages on the Arch of Titus.

TODAY: Identify the “Arches of Titus” in your life, all the bad that God redeemed for your good.