The Lamb Will Be Our COVERING

DID YOU KNOW: a lamb, is the most defenseless of creatures, so defenseless it needs a shepherd boy to protect it. And yet it is of critical importance, as the lamb is the master theme of God’s Word. In Genesis, a boy asks his father, “Where is the lamb?” That’s the question throughout the Bible. On Passover, it is the lamb that dies to save the firstborn son of each house. The nation of Israel is saved by the blood of the lamb. Then in the Temple of Jerusalem, lambs are offered up in sacrifice every day of every year. And then, in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, it is prophesied that a man will give His life as a sacrificial lamb, “as a lamb to the slaughter,” and by His death, we will find Healing, Forgiveness, and Blessing. Do you see the theme?

The lamb is the life given to save or bless others, and to cover our sins.

In the Hebrew language, taleh means lamb. And from taleh also comes the word that means covering. The Lamb will be our covering. So who is the Lamb? In all of world history, is there anyone known above all for giving His life, as an offering, as a sacrifice, that we might be saved?

There’s only one I know of, and He was called “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world” by John the Baptist. Jesus the Messiah, the Lamb of God, the Taleh Elohim. It was all about the Lamb from the beginning, the answer was always linked to the Lamb.

But why was a lamb chosen in the first place? What the lamb means is this: There will be One who is entirely pure, innocent, without blemish, without evil, and this One will give His life to save those who are not innocent. But what is without blemish, what is entirely pure and good?

What is the mystery of the lamb? The mystery of the lamb is God. The mystery is that God will give His life to save us. For God is love. And the nature of love is to give of itself. The Taleh, the Lamb, is God.

TODAY: live in the spirit of the Lamb of God. Let everything you do, be done in love. Walk in the forgiveness of His blood that was freely sacrificed for you. And live to make your life a blessing to others.