DID YOU KNOW: On the sixth day, God created man and placed him in a garden of LIFE. Then, on the sixth day, man placed God into a garden of DEATH, a garden tomb.

When God put Adam in the garden, it wasn’t the end of the story, but the beginning. God put man in the garden to work the garden, to tend to it. The garden was a real functioning garden. It was an ongoing work. So, when man placed God in the garden of death, wouldn’t it also be an ongoing work?

A garden tomb is the most radical of places. A tomb is a place of ending, but a garden is a place of beginnings. Tombs are where life ends, but gardens are where life begins. So, a garden tomb is the place of death and life, the end and the beginning. A place of life after death, a place of resurrection. Life begins in a garden as it rises from the earth. That which has descended to the earth. The seed. And Jesus liken His death to a seed falling into the earth and dying. And what happened to the seed of Jesus’s life as it was buried in the Garden Tomb? It bore life. It rose.

Whatever is planted in the Garden Tomb will bear miracle life, new life. Whatever you plant here, your past, your broken dreams, your old life, your failures, your losses, your tears, whatever you let go of here, will come alive again and blossom and bring forth life, a miracle more beautiful than what you planted. For this tomb is the Garden of God and this garden has a ground full of miracles.

TODAY: Take all in your life that failed, that was taken or lost, that was broken, all of your sorrows and trust it to God, allowing life, and new beginnings to spring forth in His Garden of Miracles.