Jesus REMOVES every Barrier

DID YOU KNOW: There were in the Temple of Jerusalem two major barriers separating God from man, the holy from the unholy. One was formed by two massive doors of gold, the doors of the hekhal, the holy place. These separated the holy place from the Temple courts. The other, deeper inside, was called the parochet, the colossal veil that separated the holy place from the holy of holies and through which only the high priest could enter on the Day of Atonement. They were the representations of the barrier separating each of us from God, the chasm between the sinful and the most holy.

It is recorded in the New Testament that at the time of Jesus’s death, the parochet, the veil of the holy of holies, was torn in two from TOP to Bottom. What would that have signified, that the barrier between GOD and MAN was removed?

But there was still a second barrier, the golden doors of the hekhal that gave entrance into the holy place. Should not these doors have been opened as well? Could there have been a second sign, a second witness? There was, and of the most powerful kind, an opposing witness.

This is in Tractate Yoma 39, from the writings of the rabbis, the Talmud. It contains a most amazing thing. The rabbis record that before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, a strange thing began to take place in the Temple. The second barrier, the golden doors of the hekhal, began to open by themselves. The rabbis record that it began to happen about forty years before AD 70. Then it comes to about the year AD 30! It happens to be the same time that something else took place in Jerusalem, the Rabbi Yeshua, Jesus, was crucified on the cross, as the final atonement, to remove the barrier from God to man.

The fact remains that rabbis themselves bear witness concerning the removal of the second barrier, and, thus, that at the time of Jesus’s death, that which was separating God from man, God from us, was removed, and the way to His presence was opened.

TODAY… Use the power Jesus’s sacrifice to open every door that has been closed, revealing the unlimited power of God’s Presence in your life.