DID YOU KNOW: What is the key to being fruitful in God? What causes some to become strong in the kingdom while others struggle?” The answer can be found in the part of a plant we do not see. The hidden part, yet it is the most important part. When we look at a tree, we never see the whole tree. We just see what grows above the earth. The most important part is unseen, growing downward into the earth. From the roots it receives from the soil water, minerals, and its nourishment. Without the roots, the tree ceases to exist. And if its roots are shallow or planted in weak soil, the tree and its fruits will eventually wither away. A tree’s FRUITFULNESS can never exceed its ROOTFULNESS.

So, to apply this to our lives, in God, our life is like a tree. There are two parts to our existence, the part that is visible to everyone and the hidden part that no one can see. Jesus teaches in Matthew 13 about the parable of the sower and that soil and roots determine our fruits. So, what exactly are the roots in our lives? They are our inner life with God, our faith, our devotion, our love, our communion, our time with Him in prayer expressing what is in our heart. No one can see it, but it is the most critical part, the part by which we receive spiritual life and nourishment from the soil our lives are planted in. It causes the rest of our life to grow and bear fruit. If our roots are shallow and not planted in good soil, the fruits of our lives in God will wither away. Our fruitfulness in God will always be directly proportionate to your rootfulness in God.

Sheresh in the Hebrew language is the word for root, and it is linked to deepness or depth. So, if we want to become great in God, we must become deep in God, by strengthening our roots. Make it your life’s goal to grow deeper in the hidden and secret places of your life with God to bear much fruit. As it is written in (Proverbs 12:12), “The root of the righteous will bear fruit.”

TODAY: Focus on strengthening your roots, going deeper in God’s presence, deeper in receiving the nutrients of His word in your life. And from those roots Psalm 1:3 declares, you will FLOURISH!!!