Walking in YOUR Destiny

DID YOU KNOW: In Genesis 1:3 God said, “Let there be light!” And there was light. Notice what God did. In the world, we speak of that which is, but God speaks of that which is not yet. He spoke the light when it was not, and then it was. This is the way of God not only with light, but also with His people.

There was an old man whose wife was past the age of bearing children. But God gave him the name Avraham or Abraham, which in Hebrew means father of the multitudes. He gave him a name of that which was not and then it was. Abraham became the father of all nations. His name prophetically spoke the very purpose of his existence. Then there was the man who was rejected by his family, falsely accused, and thrown into prison. But God had caused him at birth to be given the name Yosef or Joseph. Yosef means he shall increase. His prophetic destiny would carry him to Egypt where he increased in power and became second in charge of the largest empire in the world at that time. And then there was the man who lived in fear of his enemies. But God had caused his name to be Gideon. The name means he who strikes down. He would end up a national hero who against overwhelming odds, struck down the enemies of Israel. And then there was a man of great passion but little stability. But God had given him the Aramaic name Kayfah which means the rock. You know him as Peter and by the end of his life, that is exactly what he would become, a rock of strength for the early church.

The world tells us to see ourselves as we are. But God sees us not as we are, but as He destined us to be. He gives us a prophetic identity not based on our past but based on what we are to become. The secret is to accept our God given identity and believe it before we see it.

So, your name through Christ is no longer Rejected, but Accepted; no longer Weak, but Mighty; no longer Defeated, but Victorious; no longer Limited but Unlimited; no longer Condemned but completely Forgiven.

TODAY: Accept your prophetic destiny and walk in your God ordained identity.