DID YOU KNOW: Saul of Tarsus hunted, arrested and even killed many of the first followers of Jesus, but with a flash of light, on the road to Damascus, everything for him changed with one touch from God. His experience left him blinded and the Lord then spoke to a christian named Ananias to go to Saul. So Ananias approached the blind persecutor, and with the touch of his hand, Saul regained his sight. Do you know what was the first thing that Saul ever saw as a follower of Jesus Christ?

In God there are no accidents or coincidences. He chose the man Ananias as the first thing Saul’s eyes would see in his new life with his new beginning. What does the name Ananias mean? It’s a translation of his real name, his Hebrew name, Khananyah. And what does that mean? “Yah” is the Name of God, and “khanan” means grace. Khananyah means the Grace of God.

So, the first thing Saul or later God would change his name to Paul, saw was the GRACE of God. And it was Khananyah who touched him and caused his blindness to be removed and allowed him to see. So it was the grace of God, that touched his life and the grace of God that allowed him to see.

It is the grace of God that touches our lives, that removes our blindness, and allows us to truly see. Only by the grace of God can we see clearly. And the first thing we see in salvation is khananyah, the Grace of God.

And it was khananyah, that gave Saul the ability to rise up and walk without condemnation and to live as a disciple, to help others, and to fulfill his purpose in life.

And so it is only the grace of God that gives us the ability to walk away from the old and embrace the new. Only His grace enables us to live forgiven, to live with purpose, to help others, and to fulfill our calling. And that’s why Khananyah was the first thing Saul, in his new life, was able to see, because true life is found when we see ourselves and others through the grace of God. It is God’s Grace that saves those who have no reason or right to be saved. Everything begins by seeing khananyah. We must never move away from that grace, or from seeing it, for without khananyah, we become blind. Every good thing we do comes from God’s grace. Everything begins, and is fulfilled, in khananyah, the GRACE of God.

TODAY: look to see khananyah, the grace of God. Follow it, dwell in it, act in it, and let everything flow out of it.