DID YOU KNOW: when Israel was delivered from Egypt, God supernaturally PROTECTED and PROVIDED for tham as they spent 40 years in the wilderness. In the Hebrew language, the wilderness is called the MIDBAR. The word midbar comes from the root word dabar which means… “TO SPEAK”.

What is the wilderness?

It is the place of God’s speaking, the place of His voice. It’s where God especially talks to us. Why did He bring His people into the wilderness, into the midbar? So, He could speak to them. He brought Moses into the midbar to speak to him in a still, small voice.

The wilderness also represents hard times… times of loss, crisis, tragedy, loneliness, conflict, hardship, problems, separation, tears – which speaks of going through the wilderness. And yet the wilderness is a holy place. It is a place where God gave His Law, His Word, and where He revealed His Presence. Sometimes in life, God brings us into the wilderness that He might speak.

In our everyday life we have many distractions. But in the wilderness the distractions are gone. So, God brings us to the wilderness so that we might hear His voice. Therefore, do not fear or despise the wilderness of your life, and don’t despise His removal of the distractions. Rather embrace it. Draw closer to Him. And listen to what He is saying. Seek to hear His voice, and you will hear Him. For the wilderness in your life is not just a wilderness. It is holy ground …the midbar …the place of His voice.

TODAY: Make a choice to put away the distractions, those things that keep you from hearing. And go into the wilderness, the midbar, to seek God and listen as He begins to speak.