The Jordan River

The name comes from the Hebrew word yarad. Yarad means to go down, to descend. So, the Jordan means the descender. All rivers descend, but no river descends as much as does the Jordan. It descends so far that it ends it journey in the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea. 

As the Jordan descends it gives life to the Promised Land.  It is through a descent, that life is given.  

The Jordan river begins in the north of Israel at Mount Hermon and flows down to Galilee, then through the Jordan Valley to the wilderness of Judea, and finally into the Dead Sea where it comes to its end. In Hebrew, the Jordan name is the Yarden. 

God is the Ultimate Descender.  

God is the Yarden. 

It is the Most High who is the Descender.

Only He can fully descend. And the Descender humbled Himself, descending from the heights to come into the world, and taking the form of man. 

And as the Jordan descends to Galilee, so the Descender came to the land of Galilee, and there gave life to those in need. And in the same way that the Jordan descends from Galilee to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, so from Galilee the Descender went down to the lowest of depths, to death and judgment. 

For God is love. And the nature of love is to descend that it might give of itself, and that we, in its descent, might find life. And those who have received the life of this 

Yarden must likewise descend to give of that life to others. 

For God is the Yarden, and the Yarden is love. Embrace His love today!

Pastor Eli at the headwaters of the Jordan River.