Making an ALIYAH

When you read in the bible of Jesus going to Jerusalem, you’ll find the word “UP” used over and over again. That is because Jerusalem is a city set on the mountains. So, to get there, you must go up. So, the journey to Jerusalem is called Aliyah, the ascending. And it was not only because of the physical terrain but because Jerusalem is the Holy City it also has spiritual implications.

In God, our lives are an upward journey to draw us closer to Him. We do this the same way we ascended to Jerusalem. Every day we are given choices. Every choice will give us the chance to go lower, to stay the same, or to go higher. Choose the higher path, even if it is harder, take the higher step.  Let each of your steps be higher than the step, each of your days be higher than the day before it. You will experience God as your life becomes an Aliyah.