The POWER of “I CAN”

In the world today there are many powers, the power of the sun, the power of the wind, the power of rivers, the power of fire, the power of kings, the power of armies, and the power of man.

Each of these powers have conditions and limitations. But there is a power beyond all these powers, a power with no limitations, the power to do anything. Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem, to receive this life changing power, the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was this power that took a murderer by the name of Saul and changed him into a martyr by the name of the Apostle Paul. It was this power that changed a coward by the name of Peter into a proclaimer of truth. It was this power that transformed 120 fearful people on the Day of Pentecost into bold carriers of truth and that same power is transforming millions of lives today.

The word for “POWER” is the Greek word dunamis. It comes from the root word dunamahee, which means to be able.

This is the power to become able to do that which you could never do before, the power to do that which is above your ability to do.

Dunamahee means to make that which was impossible…. POSSIBLE.

And one more thing, Dunamahee also means can, as in “I CAN.”

The power of the Spirit gives us the power to do all things, and the power to do whatever is needed to fulfill the will and calling of God.

There is no limitation. It is the power of powers, the power to do whatever it is that you need to do. It is the power to nullify and overcome every “I can’t” in your life.

Today, embrace the power of Holy Spirit so all “I can’ts” can be replaced with… “I CAN Do All Things THROUGH Christ!”