The Mystery of the MOON

The biblical book of Song of Solomon is a love song between a bride and groom, in its deepest realms? It is an allegory of God and His people, Jesus and His bride, and we are the bride.

In the book of Song of Solomon (6:10) it describes the bride as one as beautiful as the moon. I don’t personally find the moon to be beautiful. It’s filled with imperfections, markings, irregularities, patches of darkness, and craters. And yet it’s called beautiful and connected to the beauty of the bride. It’s fitting because as the moon is filled with imperfections, irregularities, and darkness, so too is the bride. And as the moon is filled with the scars of past wounds, so too are we.

Then how can the bride be called beautiful? The moon isn’t beautiful in itself. Neither are we. The moon’s beauty is in something other than itself. Its beauty is in its light. And its light is not its own, but of the sun. The moon is beautiful inasmuch as it reflects the light of the sun. If it were able to look at itself in a mirror, it would only see imperfection, scars, and darkness. But if it forgets about itself, and looks into the face of the sun, then it shines with the radiance of the sun. Just as the moon’s light and beauty come from the sun, so our light and beauty comes from the SON. If we focus on ourselves, we only see imperfections, scars, and darkness. But if we focus on Him, and see the beauty of His light, then we shine with His brightness. And His light will overcome our imperfections, and we become beautiful.

Never make the mistake of living focused on yourself. Turn to God and dwell in the beauty of His presence. Then your life will become a reflection of His, and you’ll shine with the light of His radiance.