Bring Home the LAMB

DID YOU KNOW: Exodus 12:3 says; “On the tenth day of this month, each one shall take for himself a lamb . . . a lamb for a house.” This command was a holy day, the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Nisan.

The Passover takes place on the fifteenth day of Nisan and the Tenth of Nisan was the day that the lamb was chosen and taken to live in the house that would, on Passover, offer up as a sacrifice. The Tenth of Nisan is the Day of the Lamb, the day of being identified with the house that would sacrifice it. You know it as Palm Sunday? It’s the day Jesus rode a donkey into the streets of Jerusalem and was greeted by the people with celebration and palm branches.

As the people of Jerusalem were taking the Passover lambs to their homes, Jesus the Messiah was being led from the Mount of Olives into the city gates. The bringing in of Messiah to the city with palms and hosannas was actually the fulfillment of what had been commanded from ancient times, the bringing in of the lamb.

So on the day when the Passover lamb was to be brought to the house, God brought the Lamb of God to His house, to Jerusalem, and to the Temple. And just as the lambs of the Tenth of Nisan had to be sacrificed on Passover to cover the families sins, so too the Lamb of God would be sacrificed on Passover to cover the sins of the world for all eternity. The Lamb of God had to come to the House of God that the blessings of salvation could come to the world.

So, it is only when you bring the Lamb home, when you bring Him into the place where you actually live your life, when you bring Him into every room, every closet, and crevice, only then can the fullness of the blessings of salvation be received.

TODAY, bring home the Lamb of God to the place you really live, and let Him have access into every room, closet, dark space, and crevice in your life.